1. Poker is fifty-percent luck,
    fifty-percent skill, and
    fifty-percent math.

2.  Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.

3.  Most Poker authors recommend a tight aggressive approach for Holdem
    No-limit.  Play relatively few hands (tight), but bet and raise often with
    the hands you do play (agressive).

4.  If you never get caught bluffing, you're not bluffing enough.

5.  Tells:
  a.  If someone gives a speech before they raise, get out of the way.
  b.  Players with neatly organized stacks of chips never bluff.
  c.  A player whose hand shakes when putting chips into the pot either
       has a very strong hand, or has some sort of palsy.

6.  Never, ever, under any circumstances, criticize another player at a
     poker table.

No Limit Holdem Tips